Chilling Waterfall

Rated: 1.0/10  (Unless you plan to go up all the way to the third fall which is deep inside, 2.0/10)

Chilling waterfall, a heaven place of waterfall in Selangor. Located between the path of Kuala Kubu Bharu and Fraser Hill, Chilling waterfall offered one of the best waterfall scenery in Selangor, Malaysia. Unlike hiking any mountain, the elevation from main entrance to the 3rd fall of Chilling Waterfall is only 500m and can be done by anyone as the path up is more of walking instead of hiking. To get here by GPS, the following destination can be used: "Sungai Chiling Waterfalls, 44000 Kuala Kubu Baru, Selangor" or [3°35'56.67"N 101°44'14.506"E]. Facilities provided at the main entrance here are toilet and camping area. Car park is outside the gate of the park. The entrance fee in is RM1 and opening time is only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (8am - 6pm). They do not open on weekdays (except Friday) even though it is a public holiday. There are time where the park will closed if the raining season is at the worst.

Map to Chilling Waterfall from Monash University Malaysia
The hike toward the first waterfall will take around 40-50 minutes. It is an easy hike toward the first fall and one required to cross the river six times before reaching the first fall. The river depth can be up to your waist, hence, getting wet is a guarantee, dry or wet season. The first fall is the main attraction of Chilling Waterfall and will usually be crowded with a lot of hiker. For a more comfy swim, hiker will usually hike up toward the 2nd and 3rd fall.

The path toward the second and third fall is "blocked" with a black and yellow ribbon and the path start before the sixth river crossing. This is just to prevent hiker from accidentally hiking up to the second and third waterfall. While hiking this path up, you will reach a fork road where left will take you to the second waterfall and right is the third waterfall. The hike to the second fall will take around 15-20 minutes and here, the pool of the waterfall has less people than the first fall.

The hike to the third fall which is the highest fall will usually take around 1.5 hours or less from the main entrance. When closing toward the 3rd fall, you will reach a fork road. Taking the one to the left will lead you to the bottom of the 3rd fall (but do warn, the gradient is fairly steep) and taking the one to the right will lead you to the top of the 3rd fall.

A little tip at the top of the 3rd fall, to be able to sit at the edge of the waterfall, you need to cross the river. One way to get to the other side without taking too much risk crossing at the edge of the fall is to cross the river around 15m - 20m away from the edge of the fall which should lead you back into a jungle path. Here, the path will guide you back out to the edge of the fall safely. While at the bottom of the 3rd fall, lies a beautiful pond where it is nice to swim since many wouldn't come this far, but as said before, the slope toward here is steep and there are cases where people slip and break their leg.

The entrance into Chilling Waterfall

The first river crossing and the start of hike up to the first fall
The first fall of Chilling Waterfall
Fishes and fishes at the first fall, they will nimble on your feet
First Fall
Midway of first fall
Above the first fall (hiking toward the second fall)

Second Fall of Chilling Waterfall

Second Fall of Chilling Waterfall

Above the Third Fall

At the edge of the waterfall
At the edge of the waterfall

Overall, Chilling Waterfall is a nice place for relaxation and swimming with it beautiful waterfall. But do note, water is a powerful force and waterfall can create powerful underwater current. Do not swim too deep as the current can swept you away with ease. And never ever throw rubbish all over the place, this is after all, the water source for most Malaysian nearby.

Edited 26 July 2014

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